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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 28, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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rethink possible. good evening, i'm diane dwyer. terry mcsweeney is off tonight. we are following a story about a shooting at home depot while they were open and full of shoppers. kimberly joins us with the latest. >> this is where it happened right behind me in the garden center here in hayward. it's a home depot that is very busy, especially on sundays. a spokesperson said they did not think customers were at risk and the store did remain open today as they conducted their
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investigation into the shooting. hayward police say two loss prevention security officers industried to stop a plan walking out of the store with a cart full of unpaid for tools. he pulled out a gun and shot one officer and struck the other on the left side of the head with the gun. the suspect was last seen running across the street. he is described as a light or white skinned hispanic man. about 6 feet tall with a short grayish hair style with a pony stale. shoppers who were here at the time describe it as chaotic. >> we pulled in just when the first officer arrived and there was hysterical people in the
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garden department. i think he ran away, and we were told that the security officer had an incident was was apparently shot. >> a spokesperson said say closed off the area where the man was shot. the man shot is still in the hospital being treated for an injury. he believes the man was shot somewhere in the arm and possibly in the shoulder area. nbc bay area news. >> thank you kimberly. a man is recovering tonight and a man is still on the run after a chase and crash. police say it happened around 9:00 last night. the expect was driving in downtown san jose. at some point police say both cars jury was duly sworned the curve and the patrol car flamed into a tree the officer was taken to the hospital. police say the suspect took off on foot, they conducted a house
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to house search and did not find the man. a woman is dead and a man in critical condition after being in the wrong place at the wrong time overanytime. the car was travelled at feeds up to 100 miles per hour before hitting the victim's car head on just after 200 this morning. the woman who died was a passenger in the car that was hit. that car's driver was rushed to the hospital and is in critical condition tonight. the driver of the speeding car was also hurt and is expected to survive. they say alcohol may have played a role in that crash. >> breaking news out of italy. 24 people are dead after a bus plunked off a major highway and into a ravine. investigators say it slammed into several cars. they were apparently returning to naples. the reports are that it landed
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in thick brush and that's making the rescue more difficult. an electrical delay caused problems on bart today. as of 4:00 this afternoon, the line was running at full speed. the trains were still about 5:00 to 10:00 minutes behind schedule. speaking of bart, there is just one week before the demp rare contractor extension ends and the strike begins. they are being stalled over employee pay rations bart workers top the list for the highest paid transit operators. they say their wages were flat. >> they want to get a deal. we have been unsuccessful because of the districts negotiator has been absent, quite frankly. >> bart has been working hard to
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try to find a settlement. and the absence of one person doesn't mean the negotiating team isn't there at work, working hard to find a solution to this. >> union representatives say it's possible to avoid a strike. the next meetings are scheduled for tuesday. in an unprecedented move, the marine county republican party has endorsed same sex marriage nap does not change the state or national party position, but they say it's a sign their gaining new support. their opposition to ga marriage has been a significant obstacle to attracting new members. washington's gop organization also endorsed same sex marriage last year. now to developing weather, a storm on track to hit hawaii, rob, what's the latest? >> we're talking about a tropical storm, winds about 60
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miles per hour moving quickly toward the hawaiian islands. winds at 60 miles per hour as early as tomorrow morning crossing over the northern side of the big island of hawaii. it will affect resort areas around maui. tropical storm warnings are up from the big island through waihiu. it could be as much as six to 12 inches of rain. wind gusts at 50 miles per hour. all of that coming in for monday, airport delays and beach closures are probably. we will watch flossie as it moves through. at home we're seeing a change in temperatures and drizzle. we'll have a full look at that
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in a few minutes. >> the will lardest simultaneous screenings for hepatitis b were held today. organizers say it's important to get the careenings because two out of three people don't know their affected. afc pacific islanders are particularly susceptible. they got the word about the vaccine. >> young people are bringing in their families and spreading the word. the more people that understand that it is something they need to be screened for, the better off we will be. >> it is say to protect a individual for life. raising red flags about the violence in e vipt, the message these demonstrators are hoping to send to the world.
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twitter under pressure. several thousands signed a petition demanding that they make a change. and also a hollywood star that visited america's cup and hopped on a boat.
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the world champion san francisco giants have a date
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with the president. they got to celebrate last year with a trip to the white house. president obama will honor the giants in a ceremony tomorrow to salute their second championship in three years. and coming up, supportive shopping, how brides to be are getting a deal on dresses and helping fight cancer at the same time. just into the news room, video of the chaos in libya. explosions that hit in benghazi today.
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this new video coming into
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our news room. ten people were wounded outside of a courthouse in northern benghazi. it was the site of the very first protests against moammar gadhafi that led to his ousting. the explosions follow a prison break there yesterday where more than 1,000 prisoners escaped. more than 80 people are dead and 800 others are injuries. it began yesterday when supporters of mohamed morsi tried to hold a sit in camp. this is the deadliest outbreak of violence since july 3rd. the violence hits home for many in the bay area. dozens gathered in downtown san jose. they hope to show their opposition to the kcoup.
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>> we're here today to say we want the process, we don't want someone to just come up and destroy it. just baezertfied to express ourselves. ? they believe it's much higher than what is currently being reported. some people in great britain are pressuring twitter to make it easier to report abuse on the social media site. more than 30,000 people have signed an online petition. a woman says she was repeatedly threatened with rape after a tweet. twitter's general manager from the u.k. say they take online abuse seriously and they promised to suspend all accounts found guilty on breech of the rules. after four full weeks of racing, one of the challenger
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teams has a distinct advantage and they're winning famous fans along the way. emirates team new zealand have been the stars of the show so far in the louis vuitton cup. tom cruise was a guest on the team's yacht this weekend. they take their record in head to head matches to a perfect 4-0. here is steve barker. after the race, we had tom cruise jump on board, and we took him for a float around san francisco bay. he jumped on the handlebars and he did a better job than i did, and his son did it to see who could get the top speed. >> and they beat lu in, a rosa by 3:21.
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here is max surrena. >> now we're working toward that today. we had probably the best racing day in the water for us. and now we're looking forward. >> and they're looking to join luna rosa on august 6th. we suffered a horrendous accident, and we're all very sure we don't want that to happen again. we need to take baby steps and progress at our own speed. >> by going undefeated, em rates team new zealand will move directly on to the finals. that means the semifinals will be a two-boat competition between luna row sas and artemis
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team racing. check this out, police say the cup was removed from the yacht club just before 10:30 last night because of a type of communication error. police are not releasing a lot of details, but the mix up triggered a heavy police response as officers tried to track it down. no word on where it was found, but it was brought back to the club a short time later safe and sound. thank goodness, right, rob? >> racing and then someone takes the cup away? there should be a sign up sheet for that. so we're glad everything is back where it should be right now. you saw lauren scott at the bay, it was just cool and chilly throughout the day. 72 in santa rosa, and look at concord. for late july, these numbers are really quite cool. the problem with those cool temperatures is it takes a
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really strong sea breeze to do that. they're up to 25 miles per hour. but look at this little island of heat, arson reporting 93 today, 87 in south san jose. wind is still gusty out there, southwest at 26 into fairfield, and look at livermore. those wind farms really flying. you see the winds at 18. some up to 30 miles per hour in livermore. temperatures quite a bit cooler than 24 hours ago and that will continue into monday. and the low clouds now about 2,000 feet thick, and that will bring out light mist or drizzle at times for tonight and into tomorrow morning. so roadways possible, highway 17, highway 1 on the coast, and right across the golden gate bridge. showers started to move to the
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east. upper level winds out of the southwest. it should send more of the monsoon moisture away from lake tahoe. so hour by hour tonight, low clouds surge way inland past livermore so tracey,stockton. all of this very lickly including drizzle for tomorrow morning, and sunshine for around lunchtime, and that sea breeze keeping things cool around san francisco around oakland. drizzle in the south bay tomorrow and high temperatures still running very cool for this time of area. monday and tuesday probably the coolest days of the week ahead. even now areas south of downtown san jose. low to mid 80s. cooler in dublin as you go down. now you're back in the 60s
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around oakland and berkeley. low 70s in the north bay. the first half of the week morning mist and drizzle at times. as we pass wednesday, you will see a change here in the seven day forecast. as we move into the first weekend of august, and you know it's time because we have our first pre season football game. 80s and 90s. >> that is just crazy, thank you, rob. >> dozens of bay area brides get a break on their wedding gowns for a good cause. sofa... desk...
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you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. it's a wedding gown sale that benefits cancer patients. brides against breast cancer has gowns starting at $99. they are donated from designers and retail stores, and brides donate once worn gowns as well and the proceeds quo to free
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services for people with breast cancer. >> funding classes for anyone impacted by cancer. so by purr casing a gown, attending the show, making a donation, that goes into that $2 million that we will be raising this year. >> they do 120 shows nationwide. the next one is in l.a. and if you have a gown to donate you may qualify for a tax deduction as well. i'm assuming henry will ford you don't have a gown to donate, so you can go right to baseball. >> yes, i have teams to talk about that are going in pop sit directions. the giants continue to be anything about magical as they say, it continues next.
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welcome back, the giants are going to the white house on monday to celebrate their 2012 world series title. the way this season is go that feels like years ago. the cubs came to fight and they were up 1-0 in the fifth. sandoval doubles down the left field liend. marco scudaro. seventh inning, castillo, a shot to left, third of the season, 2-1 cubs. that is your final. >> one game we lost it by an
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error. we just could not get a hit. that's kind of been the issue is just getting a big hit and getting on base. if you don't get them in, you will probably not win the ball game. >> it just takes a couple things going right to spring board us into something positive, and right now we're missing those. so if question do something right, catch strikes, do a few games in a row, that will give us a little more confidence. >> the a's and angels, they're down five in this game. mike trout can't find it in the sun. the a's down by one. look out out there, mike trout and josh hamilton collide. eric sogard drives in both of his teammates and they love it.
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the a's win after trailing by five. >> it's tough to come back from a five-run lead, but you know these guys are pretty relentless as far as that goes. so i expected a push. >> nfl training camp continues today, and that means the always entertaining coach's talk where they say old cliches that you hear over and over again. today jim harbaugh with a little coach's talk. >> doing everything you can to win the next game. the most important game is the next one and right now that's the green bay packers. god willing and the creek don't rise well get that one. >> cliches, cliches, and more cliches. the raiders had their first
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practice with pads on. the second play from scrimmage there was a fight. >> you love that one day at a time thing, don't you henry. >> absolutely, i have a ton of cliches, i just never use them on air. >> never, ever, nor do we. henny, i'm trying to think of a cliche about weather. let's take a look at the seven-day forecast, shall we. it may be include some drizzle. a cool start to the week but temperatures will start to climb up. we're getting back into the 80s and low 90s, but july standers that is pretty chilly. next weekend, if you like the 90s, you will be happy. >> the golden state. >> yes. >> and then a winter wonder land
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in the winter? >> yes. >> and wet stuff tomorrow? >> yeah. >> thank you for choosing bay area news at 6:00. good night.
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